DJ Zedd Net Worth, Early life, Career, Family

What is DJ Zedd Net Worth?

What is DJ Zedd Net Worth?

DJ Zedd, also known as Anton Igorevich Zaslavski, is a highly successful Russian-German musician, electronic music producer, and DJ. His net worth stands at an impressive $50 million, a testament to his talent and popularity in the music industry.

DJ Zedd, also known as Anton Igorevich Zaslavski, is a highly successful Russian-German musician, electronic music producer, and DJ. His net worth stands at an impressive $50 million, a testament to his talent and popularity in the music industry.

Zedd is renowned for his work in electro house, but he’s a versatile artist who has explored various genres, including dubstep, progressive house, and even classical music. His extensive career has been marked by collaborations with some of the biggest pop stars worldwide, and he has earned the prestigious Grammy Award.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – MAY 31: Zedd performs onstage during the Diablo IV Experiential Launch Event at Vibiana in Downtown Los Angeles on May 31, 2023 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images for Blizzard Entertainment)

Quick Information

  • Date of Birth: September 2, 1989 (33 years old)
  • Place of Birth: Saratov, Russia
  • Gender: Male
  • Nationality: Germany

DJ Zedd Physical Appearance:

DJ Zedd is known not only for his musical talent but also for his striking physical appearance. He has a distinctive presence that adds to his appeal as a performer. While specific details may vary over time, Zedd’s fashion sense and overall look have been notable aspects of his public image.

DJ Zedd Car Collection:

There isn’t substantial public information available about DJ Zedd’s car collection. It’s essential to keep in mind that celebrities’ car preferences can change over time, and new acquisitions may have occurred since my last update. For the most current and accurate information about DJ Zedd’s car collection, I recommend checking recent entertainment and celebrity news sources.

DJ Zedd Early Life:

Born on September 2, 1989, in Saratov, Russia, DJ Zedd’s early life was marked by a deep connection to music. His parents, both trained musicians, fostered his musical talents from a young age. When he was just three years old, Zedd and his family relocated to Kaiserslautern, Germany, where he was raised alongside his two brothers. By the age of four, he was already taking piano lessons, and his musical journey continued to flourish.

DJ Zedd Career:

Zedd’s career showcases his passion and creativity within the music industry. He initially entered the music scene by joining the German deathcore band Dioramic in 2002. However, his interest in electronic music led him to explore new horizons. After leaving Dioramic, he gained recognition by producing captivating remixes, including tracks by prominent artists like Skrillex, Justin Bieber, and Lady Gaga.

A significant breakthrough occurred when his remix of Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” was featured on her album of the same name. This pivotal moment was followed by the release of Zedd’s own singles, such as “Shave it Up” and “Slam the Door.” In 2012, after signing with Interscope Records, Zedd released the hit single “Spectrum,” which soared to the top of the Dance charts.

Zedd’s career continued to ascend as he collaborated with renowned artists like Eva Simons and Justin Bieber, contributing to the production and writing of their songs. In the same year, he released his debut solo album, “Clarity,” which achieved remarkable success, with over 2 million units sold and platinum certification. The subsequent years were marked by tours to support his rising fame, and he earned a Grammy Award for Best Dance Recording for the single “Clarity” featuring Foxes.

Zedd’s journey in the music industry included noteworthy collaborations with Selena Gomez, Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande, and more. In 2015, he released his second album, “True Colors,” solidifying his position as a prominent figure in the electronic music scene. His singles, such as “Stay,” “Get Low,” “The Middle,” “Lost in Japan,” and “365,” further contributed to his success.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – MARCH 14: Kyle Trewartha, Zedd, Maren Morris and Michael Trewartha attend 2019 iHeartRadio Music Awards press room during the 2019 iHeartRadio Music Awards which broadcasted live on FOX at Microsoft Theater on March 14, 2019 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Presley Ann/FilmMagic)

Relationships & Personal Life:

While information about DJ Zedd’s relationships and personal life is not extensively publicized, it’s essential to respect his privacy. Celebrities often prefer to keep certain aspects of their personal life out of the spotlight. Fans appreciate Zedd for his music and his contributions to the industry, and his personal choices and relationships should be treated with respect.

DJ Zedd Family:

DJ Zedd’s family played a crucial role in nurturing his passion for music. His parents, who were both trained musicians, provided a supportive environment for his musical development. Growing up with his two brothers, Zedd’s upbringing in Germany and exposure to various musical influences shaped his journey to becoming the successful artist we know today.

DJ Zedd Facts:

  • DJ Zedd’s real name is Anton Igorevich Zaslavski.
  • He was born on September 2, 1989, in Saratov, Russia.
  • Zedd is a versatile musician who has experimented with various genres, including electro house, dubstep, and progressive house.
  • He has collaborated with some of the biggest pop stars in the world and has a Grammy Award to his name.
  • In 2019, Zedd faced controversy when he announced a permanent ban from visiting China due to his “liking” of a tweet related to the animated sitcom South Park, known for its criticism of China.
  • Zedd has made significant real estate investments, including a home in the Hollywood Hills in 2014 and a notable $16 million acquisition in Beverly Hills, California, in 2018.


When was DJ Zedd born?

DJ Zedd was born on September 2, 1989.

Where was DJ Zedd born?

DJ Zedd was born in Saratov, Russia.

What is DJ Zedd’s profession?

DJ Zedd is a disc jockey, musician, and record producer.

What is DJ Zedd’s nationality?

DJ Zedd is of German nationality.

What are DJ Zedd’s notable career achievements?

DJ Zedd has achieved significant success in the music industry, including collaborations with major artists, a Grammy Award, and the release of successful albums and singles.

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