Jimmy Wanjigi Net Worth, Age, Height, Biography

Jimmy Wanjigi

Jimmy Wanjigi is a man with a huge influence in all sectors of the Kenyan economy, net worth of $1-$5 million.
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What is Jimmy Wanjigi’s Net Worth?

Jimmy Wanjigi owns a fleet of high-end vehicles as well as a fleet of aircraft. He is the owner of a helicopter owned by Lady Lori Kenya Ltd. Jimmy Wanjigi’s net worth is said to be in the billions of dollars. His net worth is $1-$5 million.


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Age59 years old
Zodiac SignVirgo
Born1 September 1962
Birthday1 September


Wanjigi has progressed from an ordinary ambitious man to a multi-national oligarch in just 15 years. This was purportedly accomplished after he secured special access to multi-billion dollar government tenders, a single-sourced opportunity that he now uses to his advantage.

As a result, he is one of the few tycoons who secretly rule Kenya (Could even be a member of the proverbial deep state). He owns a property in Park Lane, London, boltholes in the United Arab Emirates, and houses in Zurich, in addition to his Muthaiga Road palatial mansion, which sits on five acres.

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Jimmy Wanjigi source of wealth

Jimmy Wanjigi with a net worth of about Ksh. 1 billion mints money from quick cash deals, contracts, and multi-million government tenders.

Wealth creation in Jimmy Wanjigi family started with his biological father Maina Wanjigi.

Reliable sources indicate that Mr Maina Wanjigi was an industrious Cabinet Minister during Moi’s Regime.

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Jimmy Wanjigi’s Companies

Most people link Jimmy with the Kwacha Group of Companies, which is his family’s business. During the Moi government, his father, who was a Cabinet Minister and Kamukunji MP, founded the company. 

Tyl Limited, which deals with multimillion-dollar transactions and cash transfers. The corporation was established as a shell company in the Isle of Man.

Mann Island helps the billionaire and businessman. This is a tax haven where banks provide tycoons wanting anonymity with private banking, international banking, wealth management, and investment services.

His company, Tyd Ltd, has a bank account with the National Bank of Dubai, and his records show that he provides business loans to a variety of persons. Wanjigi also generates money as a commission agent for a variety of businesses.

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Jimmy Wanjigi’s Cars

Jimmy Wanjigi, drives around town in an armoured V8. The vehicle is said to be worth Ksh 8 million.

According to IAG, the car was subjected to almost 400 strikes from various angles, with explosives detonating in numerous regions. When the cops tried to arrest him, he refused to leave the inside of his vehicle.

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